About Me

Jonathan D. Sousa

I've spent well over a decade immersed in web technology — as a builder and a user. In that time I've constructed hundreds of projects, from the most basic websites to huge online applications. It's those years of experience, the tens of thousands of lines of code, and my deep knowledge of the ins and outs of web development that I bring to every new project.

I handle all aspects of each site personally, never shuttling off portions to someone just learning the business. I only accept as many clients as allow me to properly devote my time and expertise to building the best projects possible.

My clients are special, and I take the time to learn their processes, their needs, their pie-in-the-sky wants. From that information I work out the best technology for the situation: affordable, usable, effective. There are thousands of details most of my clients could not care less about... but I pay attention since they are what quietly make a site a joy to visit.

Meticulous, dedicated, conscientious, creative — everything you want in an expert developer and more.

I live this stuff.